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Light Oil Firing for Puffing Billy Railway in Australia

29 September 2017

The Australian tourist railway "Puffing Billy" is worldfamous. DLM received an order to convert one of their coal-fired NA-class locomotives to oil firing. This will eliminate sparks that prevent the use of steam locomotives in case of fire danger. The diesel locomotives that substituted the steam locomotives in fire hazard conditions have not been popular. The modernization has already begun. The outer appearance of the locomotive will not be changed. This method has already been successfully done with the conversion of the steam locomotive "Heidi".

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12 September 2017

On June 17, 1992 the all-new designed rack tank steam locomotive H 2/3 No. 12 had been inaugurated on Planalp, the middle station of the Brienz-Rothorn Railway, see photo above taken by Roger Waller. On his initiative the Swiss Locomotive-& Machine Works SLM in Winterthur built steam locomotives again, 40 years after delivery of the "last" SLM steam locoomotives for the Nigiri Railway in India.

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12 September 2017

The organizers replaced the bright yellow stripe by a golden one to match their carriages. On Saturday, August 12, 52 8055 run light engine along the river Rhine from Schaffhausen to Sissach, from where it hauled the El Achai peace train over the old, steep Hauenstein line to Olten, continuing to Oensingen. The old Ed 2 x 2/2-Mallet locomotive took the train to Balsthal. After lunch the guests had been hauled back to Sissach

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52 8055 hauls Passenger and Freight Trains

5 June 2017

Early on Sunday 21st May 2017, 52 8055 worked light engine to Etzwilen, to haul an Orient-Express- and a Teakbar-carriage back to Schaffhausen. In the mean time, 01 519 of the Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn EFZ e.V. hauled a special from Rottweil ..

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52 8055 operates freight train for a real transport

21 April 2016

On Tuesday April 19 2016, 52 8055 operated a real (not for photografic purposes) freight train consisting of 10 former type Z2 PTT cars. The carriages contained spare parts and other materials of the Swiss Steam Centre at Winterthur, which are currently not needed for the exhibition.

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Modernized Steam Locomotive "Heidi" officially baptized

16 March 2016

All sponsors had been invited to a winterly excursion with the steam locmotive "Heidi" for which they contibuted to enable its restauration and modernization. The train consisting of five historic carriges started at Samedan steamed to Zernez where the official ceremony took place.

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17 February 2016

The old paddle steamer named "Schaffhausen" pictured above had been built in 1913 by Sulzer Brothers of Winterthur, Switzerland. It circulated on the river Rhine from Schaffhausen to Konstanz until 1966 when management decided to replace it by a "more modern" motor vesel. In spite of heavy protests of the public, the paddle steamer was scrapped in 1967. In 2012 a Society named Pro Dampfer (in favour of steam ships) has been founded, see .

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Final Commissioning and official Authorization for Steam Locomotive G 3/4 Nr. 11 "Heidi"

3 January 2016

On the occasion of the officail acceptance test run on November 11, .2015 the Swiss notified bodies BAV and SVTI have given the official green light for commercial operation.

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Modernized Steam Locomotive “Heidi” on the world-famous Albula line of the Raetian Railway

16 September 2015

Concluding the tune-up period of commissioning the modernized light-oil fired steam locomotive type G 3/4 Nr. 11 worked several test trains on the famous Albula line, one of the few railway lines declared a world heritage by the UNESCO. The attractive metre gauge line constantly climbs with 1 in 28 gaining ..

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Successful Load Tests with modernized Steam Locomotive "Heidi"

20 April 2015

Commissioning and staff training was continued on April 6 and 8, 2015, successfully working trains out of Samedan to Pontresina, St. Moritz and Bever. The new technology is entirely hidden, so that the outer appearence is exactly what it was back in 1902. The engine doesn't smoke though. Even at full power the combustion of the light fuel oil firing is clean.

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All Snow Ploughs of the Austrian Federal Railways have been modernized

19 February 2015

Following the recent delivery of further roller bearing axles by DLM, the modernization of all 22 snow ploughs is now complete. As can be seen in the picture, the snow ploughs are being pushed by electric or thermal locomotives. The clearing of tracks and platforms (see picture) is fast and efficient.

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Further Application of 52 8055's Technology

6 November 2014

The Austrian Federal Railways have placed another order for the delivery of further sets of roller bearing axles to modernize the remaining snow ploughs previously equipped with plain bearings. The production is already in process. The first delivery of roller bearing axles dates back to 2009.

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Rhaetian Railway G 3/4 No. 11 "Heidi" back in Service after an extensive Overhaul

16 July 2014

On Friday, July 11, 2014 the 2-6-0 tank engine G 3/4 No.11 successfully moved under its own steam following an extensive overhaul and modernization. This metre gauge locomotive was built in 1902 by the Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works SLM in Winterthur. The rebuilding and modernization was a joint venture ..

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11 June 2014

Up to now the fireless technology has only be used for shunting locomotives. Thanks to the enormous storage capacity of hot water under pressure, the simple and extremely reliable technology can be envisaged for other applications as well. Following the results of previous general study on behalf of the Swiss Department of Energy BFE, a detailed study for ferry operation on fireless steam will now be undertaken.

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11 October 2013

Worldwide, oil products dominate transport to 99%. This enormous dependence is dangerous. The globalised production needs cheap transport. If the oil prize increases drastically, the system becomes unstable. Who knows how long the oil prize will remain stable? It would be wise to look for alternatives now.

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