52 8055 hauls Passenger and Freight Trains

Early on Sunday 21st May 2017, 52 8055 worked light engine to Etzwilen, to haul an Orient-Express- and a Teakbar-carriage back to Schaffhausen. In the mean time, 01 519 of the Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn EFZ e.V. hauled a special from Rottweil to Schaffhausen, where the trains were combined. Whilst 01 519 took a rest, 52 8055 pulled the train via Bülach to Winterthur. The passengers from Rottweil took the opportunity to visit the steam centre (Dampfzentrum Winterthur). 52 8055 steamed with new passengers to Romanshorn. After a break of two hours the train continued its journey along the scenic Lake of Constance back to Winterthur and Schaffhausen. 01 519 brought its train back to Rottweil, while 52 8055 returned the luxury carriages to Etzwilen.

52 8055_2017_05_21_schaffhausen_foto r.behrbohm_red

52 8055 passes the bridge over the river Rhine at Schaffhausen. Photo: Richard Behrbohm

52 8055_2017_05_21_bei gisenhard_foto r.behrbohm_red

52 8055 with the entire train near Gisenhard. Photo: Richard Behrbohm

leo im sonderzug mit 52 8055 am 21. mai 2017_foto robert mathis

Leo, our youngest passenger, enjoys the steam trip as much as anyone else. Thanks to the clean combustion of the light oil firing of 52 8055 there is no need for goggles to protect his eyes from sparks and cinders omnipresent with coal-fired locomotives. Photo: Robert Mathis

52 8055 passes the attractive viaduct over the river Rhine near Eglisau. Photo: Erik Schneider

52 8055 mit 10 z2-postwagen_eglisauer viadukt_2017_05_21_foto erik schneider_red

Die 52 8055 überquert die attraktive Rheinbrücke bei Eglisau. Foto: Erik Schneider