CO2-neutral ship operation


Today, river and inland waterway shipping uses almost exclusively screw ships with diesel engines. The current discussions on climate change are putting increasing pressure on shipping companies to look for alternative propulsion systems. Replacing the diesel engines, which are produced in large series at low cost, is expensive and complicated. There is no patent solution that solves the CO2 problem with a simple engine change.

Another concern is river navigation, which is confronted with an increasing number of days when the water level is too low. In Dresden, the paddle steamers still sail for a long time at low water, while the motor ships stand still. With the old paddle steamer "Schaffhausen", service interruptions on the Upper Rhine were unknown. Now, replacement buses run there more and more often, not to the delight of the passengers.

Fortunately, there is a proven solution to these problems: the paddle steamer. Please see detailed report below:

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