German 2-10-2 tank Locomotive 99 787 to be converted to light Oil-Firing

The Sächsisch-Oberlausitzer-Eisenbahn Gesellschaft commissioned the DLM to convert its 99 787 steam locomotive from coal to light oil firing. This pilot locomotive for Saxony is being financed with funds for coal structural change. The main reason for this is a possible reduction in CO2 emissions and thus a better eco-balance for the future of the railroad. Furthermore, the light oil firing helps with the increasing dryness in summer. Even if the daily operating railroads are allowed to run with coal-fired steam locomotives during high forest fire levels, a forest fire would be a major problem for the regions. With its smoke- and spark-free light-oil firing system, the converted locomotive enables safe steam journeys even during severe drought.

Another positive side effect of the light oil firing system is that it reduces the problem of procuring good locomotive coal, the price of which has multiplied in some cases in a short period of time, as well as improving working conditions for the firemen.