New Trainguard System ETM-S for 52 8055

On April 19, 2012, SBB Works Biel and DLM commissioned the new trainguard system ETM-S on 52 8055 at Schaffhausen. The previous trainguard system named Integra is gradually being replaced by the newer ETM-S on all Swiss standard gauge lines. All functions have been tested and worked straight away.



The yellow patches between the rails are Eurobalisen used for testing the functions of the trainsguard system. They normally are next to the signals. Photo: Roger Waller


Unfortunately there was no suitable place to hide the 19-Inch-Rack in the cab of 52 8055. As our driver rightfully stated: If we have to put on even more electronics in future, no one will believe us that the locomotive is actually steam driven! Photo: Roger Waller


An accumulation of trainguard systems for Switzerland (Intergra and ETM-S) and Germany (Indusi). Salesmen once claimed that in future there would be one system only for Europe, but when does the future start? Photo: Roger Waller