August 12, 2017: Hauling the El Achai Peace Train over the old Hauenstein Line

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 12:57

The organizers replaced the bright yellow stripe by a golden one to match their carriages. On Saturday, August 12, 52 8055 run light engine along the river Rhine from Schaffhausen to Sissach, from where it hauled the  El Achai peace train over the old, steep Hauenstein line to Olten, continuing to Oensingen. The old Ed 2 x 2/2-Mallet locomotive took the train to Balsthal. After lunch the guests had been hauld back to Sissach likewise. 52 8055 spent the night at Sissach to be shown at the local festivities the next day. The return journey to Schaffhausen was light engine again.

52 8055_El Achai

52 8055 and the happy passengers of the El Achai peace train arrive at Läufelfingen, top station of the old Hauenstein line with gradients of 21 and 26%o. Photo: Georg Trüb

The following promotion film for the peace train shows some spectacular sequences of 52 8055  (5 minutes):

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