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Modernizing Snow Ploughs, Production of further 20 Units

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Test, approval and transfer trips were done in one go from Knittelfeld via Selzthal to Bischofshofen. There was not much snow, but it was freezingly cold. Foto: Roger Waller, 21.12.2009

In the mean time production of the further 20 roller bearing wheelsets has begun.

 Erster Klimaschneepflug mit Rollenlagern

The first roller bearing equipped wheelsets (based on technology developed for 52 8055 !) were delivered at the beginning of Dezember 2009 by DLM to the ÖBB-Workshop at Knittelfeld. Foto: Roger Waller, 12.12.2009 in Knittelfeld.

Radsaetze mit Rollenlagern fuer Schneepfluege

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Full Steam on the Hauenstein

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52 8055 Rümlinger Viadukt Bild: Georg Trüb
52 8055 Rümlinger Viadukt Bild: Georg Trüb

Successful Pilot Project „Full Steam on the Hauenstein“

Good utilization of the steam trains and positive responses

The pilot project „Full Steam on the Hauenstein“ was successful. The average utilization of the steam trains was more then 65 percent. Exact figures will be published in a few weeks, but it is already clear that all aims have been met or surpassed.

The pilot project „Full Steam on the Hauenstein“ has fulfilled all expectations. The daily operation for two weeks with altogether 78 trips on this steeply graded, scenic branch line demonstrated convincingly, that attractive steam trains draw the crowd. Especially in off-peak times the standard electric trains are underused resulting in poor economics on this line. Residents and passengers estimated the very clean operation of the modernized 52 8055, no smoke, no soot, no cinders, no cinders, no sparks, only light traces of white steam escaped the chimney. Or as a resident once said: “Romance without dirt, that’s just wonderful”.

The idea of improving the economics of underused branch lines by adding attractive steam trains works out well. In future it is planned to replace some of the electric trains as it does not make sense to run an electric train with five passengers in addition to a steam train with 150 passengers. However, a new steam locomotive will be required to allow remote-controlled push-pull operation.

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DLM receives two fireless Steam Locomotives

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On August 28, 2009 two fireless steam locomotives have been imported from Germany. 52 8055 took them to our workshop at Schaffhausen. Fireless steam locomotives are extremyly friendly to the environment. Contrary to Diesel locomotives, which in shunting operation spend some 75% idling, emitting fumes and noise, fireless steam locomotives consume energy only when actually doing useful work. They are also reknown for silent operation. DLM plans to recommission and later modernize these locomotives. 

Last Updated on Monday, 29 March 2010 14:55

Modernizing Snow Ploughs

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Klimaschneepflug im ÖBB-WErk Knittelfeld
The Austrian Federal Railways are modernizing 20 snow ploughs. These had been built on modified frames of class 52 steam locomotives. As a result of an European tender, DLM received the order to deliver 20 + 1 complete wheelset groups with roller bearings. 52 8055 had been modified in a similar way from plain bearings to roller bearings.

Roller bearings of 52 8055

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