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Modernized Steam Locomotive "Heidi" officially baptized

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All sponsors had been invited to a winterly excursion with the steam locmotive "Heidi" for which they contibuted to enable its restauration and modernization. The train consisting of five historic carriges started at Samedan steamied to Zernez where the official ceremony took place. After a delicious lunch the special train headed back full steam to Samedan on gradients up to 35%o. The picture shows the train ready to depart at Zernez:  Roger Waller

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 17:45

A wood-pellet firing is envisaged for new Paddle Steamer Project

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DS Schaffhausen in voller Fahrt

The old paddle steamer named "Schaffhausen" pictured above had been built in 1913 by Sulzer Brothers of Winterthur, Switzerland. It circulated on the river Rhine from Schaffhausen to Konstanz until 1966 when management decided to replace it by a "more modern" motor vesel. In spite of heavy protests of the public, the paddle steamer was scrapped in 1967. In 2012 a Society named Pro Dampfer (for steam) has been founded, see www.prodampfer.ch .Already more then 2160 members actively support the idea to build a new paddle steamer.

The new paddle steamer will be driven by a new real steam engine directly acting on the paddle wheels. It is the intentiion of the Society to create an attractive, but also economically viable and environmentally friendly technically modern steam ship. A first engineering study by DLM has investigated the possiblity of a wood-pellet firing system that would enable CO2-neutral operation, a feature motor ships are unable to provide!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 18:13

Vortrag an der TU Berlin am Dienstag, den 27. Januar 2016

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not yet translated!

Der Vortrag beginnt um 10 Uhr und ist öffentlich.

Download this file (DLM_20160127_Waller.pdf)DLM_20160127_Waller.pdf[ ]189 Kb
Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 18:17

Final Commissioning and official Authorization for Steam Locomotive G 3/4 Nr. 11 "Heidi"

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images/stories/neujahrskarte dlm_club 1889_rhb g 3_4 nr. 11_heidi_samedan_red.jpg

On the occasion of the officail acceptance test run on November 11, .2015 the Swiss notified bodies BAV and SVTI have given the official green light for commercial operation.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 18:23

Modernized Steam Locomotive "Heidi" on the world-famous Albula line of the Raetian Railway

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Concluding the tune-up period of commissioning the modernized light-oil fired steam locomotive type G 3/4 Nr. 11 worked several test trains on the famous Albula line, one of the few railway lines declared a world heritage by the UNESCO. The attractive metre gauge line constantly climbs with 1 in 28 gaining height in several spiral tunnels. The locomotive was constantly worked at full throttle and a cut-off of 45%. Superheat temperature reached 290° to 320°C, quite high, but managable for its slide valves. The photo shows the stylish train near Bergün. Picture taken by Georg Trüb

Last Updated on Monday, 14 December 2015 09:54

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