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modern steam

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modern steam
Comparison of the direct operating costs
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Modern Steam - an economic and environmental alternative to diesel traction. A collection of interesting information: modern steam presentation



What ist modern steam?

Modern steam stands for a new economic and ecologic steam technology, providing the following advantages:

modern steam

One man operation for steam locomotives

Remote controlled steam engine for ships

Light-oil firing with clean combustion
Low cost of ownership provides good return on investment High thermal efficiency of engine and boiler 
High level insulation of boiler, steam engine and piping 
Modular concept 
Exchangeable parts 
Up to date bearing technology reduces maintenance and protects the environment 
Electric preheating device enables to put or keep an engine in steam without attendance

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The enormous positive impact the modern rack steam locomotives have on the economics, can be seen below:



Schema H2/3




On 22 September 2005 the "Modern Steam am Hauenstein GmbH" has been founded at Sissach, Switzerland. The first step to be undertaken will be the development of a business plan. The ultimate aim of the company is to save rail traction on the old Hauenstein line from Sissach to Olten. The present electric traction covers its cost to only 20% and is therefore in danger of being changed to bus operation. The concept of a modern, economic and ecologically viable steam train allows higher revenue with equal operating costs, thereby significantly reducing the amount of subsidies. The line from Sissach to Olten is a good case for demonstrating such an idea, but other branch lines can be looked at as well.


The steam train on the Rümlinger viaduct (Picture: DLM AG)

For further information please visit the homepage of "

A list of publications on modern steam traction can be found in the attachment below: